Phillip Finch: One of the World’s Best Non-Fiction Authors

Phillip Finch was a novelist, journalist, and the occasional screenwriter, but he was mostly known for his books, of which he published 14 - a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Whenever he had some spare time, which was not that often due to his other commitments, Finch liked to go cave diving. Unfortunately, Phillip passed away in 2012 after a battle with cancer, but he can be proud of what he achieved in his 63 years on this planet.

A Very Accomplished Author

Although Finch wrote some fiction books, he much preferred to write books that were based on true stories. The book that he is probably most well known for is Fatal Flaw, which was a book where he took a look at the case of William Zeigler, a man who many believe was wrongfully charged with the murder of his wife, in-laws, and another man. Finch was so dedicated to this case that he decided to make the book available for free on his website.

Other books of his that have gone on to do extremely well include:

  • Diving into Darkness: A True Story
  • Devil's Keep
  • In a Place Dark and Secret
  • God, Guts and Guns
  • Raising the Dead: A True Story of Death and Survival

If you are looking for some top reading material, then you will definitely not be disappointed if you take the time to read any of the books that we just mentioned above.

Raising the Dead

In our opinion, Finch’s best work was Raising the Dead, which is a book that tells the true story of Dave Shaw and Don Shirley, two experienced cave divers, who travelled to Bushman’s Hole in South Africa’s Northern Cape province to retrieve the body of Deon Dreyer, a 20-year-old who had drowned diving in the hole a decade earlier.

However, tragedy struck when Dreyer’s body started to float - Shaw had been told by experts that the body would not be buoyant since the visible parts were a skeleton, but in his wetsuit, Dreyers body had turned into adipocere, a soap-like substance that floats. When the body started to unexpectedly float, Shaw panicked and the body bag lines and wires from his underwater lights become entangled, and he drowned trying to free himself. Three days later, both bodies were pulled up to surface as the team were retrieving their equipment. So, although he died, Shaw still managed to achieve what he set out to do - retrieve Dreyer’s body from the bottom of the hole.

What about Shirley, Shaw’s close friend? Well, he nearly died as well, but just about managed to escape with his life. However, he has been left with some permanent damage that has left him with impaired balance. Finch tells the story of this tragic rescue mission like no other, so we recommend you give it a read if you are looking for compelling and dramatic story of heroism, friendship, ambition, and coming to terms with a tragedy and loss.

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